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Loevens has been developed during the last years in a specialised Backoffice B2B service company. When the Brand was created in 1979 in Belgium, strategy and consulting was the first activities - since 2011, based and owned in Austria, Loevens includes online communication and -marketing services and provides this to client's in several industries like: tourism, gastronomy, governmental institutions and also in consumers products companies in Europa, Latin America and Asia.

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NUÑO Marketing is named after the Founder and Chief Senior Consultant of the Brand NUÑO MARKETING, since 2016 this Brand is fully integrated and operated by Loevens OG (Austria). The Services of NUÑO MARKETING are focused in Development for Touristic Destinations and Institutions like Convention Bureaus and Visitors and Tourism Offices, as well as Convention Centres, worldwide. Luis Felipe Nuño PhD, the Founder and Brand Owner, is also a most requested conference speaker in the global tourism industry.  Internationally recognized and awarded for leading over more than one decade the most successful Visitors and Convention Bureau in all Latin America: the CVB of Guadalajara in Mexico.

Travel Gourmet Magazine was created in 2015 and going online in 2016 - today are three independent editions available - in English for the international market, with strong readership in South-East Asia, UK and USA. For the Central European area in German and for the fast growing Ibero-American market in Spanish language. TGM is orientated to the distinguished travellers, which are mostly decision makers and very fascinated professionals, which love to discover new Destinations, Hotels and Restaurants, all over the world, for private as well as for purposes of business.


Loevens OG is registered, based in Austria and operated exclusively under Austrian Law . Brands, Trade Marks and copyright might have different owners or partnership constellations.